Layaway For School

Save Money On School Office Furniture For Kids With Layaway

Purchasing school office furniture can be expensive depending on what you want to purchase. Some school office furniture packages can cost well over $1000. This might prompt you to pay for it using plastic. However, there is a better and cheaper way. Purchase the furniture using layaway. Unlike instant gratification that is also accompanied by high interest rates on a credit card, layaway is something that you pay for in small amounts over time until the payment is complete. At that point, you can take the furniture home.

So where can you find school office furniture on layaway? Unfortunately many layaway stores were phased out in the early ‘90s. But since the economy has drastically declined, layaway has made a comeback. Many retailers, such as Kmart and Sears, offer merchandise on layaway. For instance, Home Depot is offering a Cherry Color Contemporary "L" Shape Home Office Desk Model: AMOD-214-9721 that can be purchased on layaway.There are also many online stores that sell school office furniture on layaway. Also, compared to their offline counterparts, they have a better selection of items and are more accommodating. There are however, a few things you should be aware of when you signup for a layaway plan with a store, both offline and online.

When you want to use a program such as layaway, it’s very important that you are aware of any charges. This includes cancellation fees which might be associated with the purchase of your school office furniture. A typical retailer might require a $5 charge or a 10% down payment on the total value of your purchase depending on the amount of the purchase.

Many retailers also offer packages which includes desks, chairs, boards, etc. Many times you can save money on complete package. However, it really depends upon your requirements. Many furniture retailers will be glad to do business with you even if you are just purchasing a single table on layaway.

Once you decide to put an item on layaway, make sure to make your payments regularly so that you get your furniture before you really need it. Ideally, making a purchase before the summer holidays is great because then you have enough time to make the payments and get your furniture before the kids return to school.


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