Black Friday Special

Black Friday Special Deals Are Worth The Hassle

Black Friday has become one of those infamous shopping days of the year. Almost every store runs an amazing sale regardless of what they sell. This is especially true for large stores like Wal-Mart, Sears, and Toys R’ Us, etc. In addition to regular stores, there are also many online stores that take advantage of beyond Black Friday specials and offer a number of discounts.

Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving and as referred to as “Black” because retailers would show a profit. Like all Black Fridays, the days leading up to the actual event can be nerve raking as people try to find out what will be the cheapest products they can get their hands on and how much their favorite products will cost. Keep in mind that this year will be a good year to look beyond BlackFriday Special and watch for even greater savings.

The hottest things this year are going to be Blueray players, LCD televisions, plasma displays and laptops. If you are lucky, you might even come across a great IPod Black Friday sale. HDTV’s are going to cost under $1100 with the 52 inch LCD HDTV costing under $1099. If you are looking to purchase the latest Emerson 32 inch 16:9 720P LCD HDTV, then hold on because on this Black Friday you can purchase it for $299 with free shipping as opposed to its list price of $399.Holding off on a purchase is going to save you money. There are also going to be some great Laptop offers with the mini notebook starting at $119 and probably even lower. If you need a core2duo ,it’s going to cost you less than $350.There is also a special price offered for Lenovo Notebooks including free shipping. The Lenovo G550 is going to cost $479. And the IdeaPad U450P will cost $579 which is down from $1049. So if you are planning on purchasing a notebook hold it off until Black Friday offers kick in.

The advantages of being an online shopper is you can actually beat the early bird specials offered on Thanksgiving Eve. As soon as you see retailers posting their Black Friday offers on Thanksgiving Eve, you can take advantage of their special “Web Only” deals. So hold off on your purchases until the prices are in from all retailers this Black Friday.


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